Thinking like a Machine will keep you selling like one segment 3


In the First two segments we addressed the Process of the deal, And the benefit of redundancy.

As we continue on the thought of Thinking like a Machine …

A Machine will always completely finish it’s task before Starting again. ( And if it doesn’t We label it ” Out of Order”)

–> Whether there are 3 , 5, 7, or 9 steps to your selling system, Complete each one. And then start a new opportunity.

This isn’t to say that you should never have more than one Customer at a time,  It is meant to say That We earn the right to ask for their business by doing our Job completely .

Would it seem odd to hear that Sales people often spend hours with a customer and never ask for the Business ?    Odd , but true !

“How does this happen?” , you ask.

A lack of follow through is the simple answer.

With out a selling system there is nothing to indicate to the Sales person or the Customer that the time to buy is now.

Don’t find your self ” Out of order” ….  Sell like your living depends on it






Thinking Like a Machine will keep you selling like one Segment 2


Thinking like a machine Will keep you selling like one

Segment 1 Recap;

A machine is always a Machine

And always the same type of machine

Be clear on your role

A Salesperson should be Selling


Segment 2.

A Machine always Performs its task in the same way

Redundancy is Key to long term Success in sales

Redundancy allows you to professionally present your Product every time, to every one

Good presentations flow best when they are well rehearsed and intentionally deliver a lot of information in a brief span of time.  This can only be achieved with preparation and rehearsel

Redundancy  allows you to eliminate disconnects in communication

Nothing worse than having to ask ” What did I miss?”    Doing things the same way every time will eliminate that sinking feeling of being beat by your own lack

Redundancy Lets you Quickly understand How and Why a deal didn’t close

When  You are following a step by step process and you are unable to advance to the next step…

Sell like your living depends on it



Thinking like a machine will keep you selling like one !


This is the first Segment in a series I have been working on ;

Thinking Like a Machine Will keep you selling like one


Segment One:

A Machine is always a Machine

 and always the same type of machine

A Toaster doesn’t become a Laptop Computer. A Bicycle doesn’t try to vacuum the rugs, and my radio doesn’t Wash my Clothes

Each machine does as it was designed to do, and nothing more.

My Point  :  As a Sales Person we should never attempt to change our role, We are not “Counselors”, we are not “Advisors”, we are not “Product Specialists”,

We are Sales people, and our function is to turn Shoppers into Owners


Some reasons this is important  ;

Being clear on your role allows you to set realistic and well defined goals.

-Operating without a defined plan is dangerous to your earning potential


Clarify your objectives/ analyze your previous successes and failures

Being Clear on Your role allows you to ask for their Business.

– It is the expected end to the interaction. The Customer is expecting it and you do not risk offending them by behaving like a “sales Person”

Being Clear on your role allows you to EARN YOUR INCOME

    – Your Job description is your pay plan   Sales = commissions


Avoiding “Customer disconnect”



Thethirdman | Dreamstime Stock Photofree_270161

When we as Sales people grow, or the companies we work for expand, one of the biggest pitfalls that can  face us is Customer Disconnect

It is the moment that Our customer no longer feels a sense of community with us

If we were a big box store , or a chain of gas stations this would not be a worry, as Customers typically view these entities as touch and go .  Or just there for an immediate or frequent need

Our Customer shops less frequently, and needs to feel a sense of Reception and Gratitude from us.

How do we avoid disconnecting from our Customers ?

  1. Keep constant contact  ( Meaningful Contact)

Reach out often with New and better information., Or Real sentiment

Use your CRM to keep you familiar with the customer’s you have contact with

– Quick emails to let them know their favorite park just opened for the season

– A quick phone call to say that a popular accessory just went on sale

– A Birthday card

– Ownership anniversary card


2. Don’t Sell on Price

Simply pointing out the Price tags will make you seem just as shallow and uninvested as the big discount store ( nobody gives a sh*X  about  MRBIGMART )

Sure, you should point out an extraordinary value when it is in front of you,

But, even more important , is your  drawing a  line between the Customer’s needs and the Product’s ability to meet them.

And to be able to draw that line, you have to be connected on a level that puts the price in the back seat where it belongs


3.  Operate like a Neighbor

  • Be authentic – deception makes fast enemies
  • Be Careful –  Listen to them when they talk, observe their concerns
  • Be engaging –  Pull back the curtain, let the customer understand the process


Sell like your living depends on it…




Follow up is an art form

artA sale left un closed is a canvas waiting for a painter…..

But its not a blank canvas begging for thought and innovation.

It’s more like a “Paint by numbers” Canvas.  Ready for a disciplined approach to creating a finished work

Well here you are… They left without buying and Now the real effort must begin.

Whether you are following up by phone, email, or in person, the Steps to Success are the same:

  1. Restate / Reset  the Goals from your original meeting

Have their objectives changed since you last talked?

Is the product you originally showed still the front runner?

Have the player changed? New competitor in the mix?

2. Reinforce your value

What does your dealership / company do better than the marketplace

Sell the Brand benefits  ( Yours, and the vehicle)

How will doing business with you increase their satisfaction

Stress your long term partnership with them

3. Ramp up your game

get information to them quickly

Deliver more information than is required, and do it with a positive attitude

Go to work for their business as if they have already committed to you

Become their “GO TO” resource for comparative information

Ask for their return visit

Earn their business !!!

Sell like your living depends on it

  • Donnie

You are different

We don’t like being different,

It’s uncomfortable to do things differently,

It’s tough to feel successful when Our success doesn’t have the same appearance as our mentor or Peers

Comparison is a trap that we all fall into.  Even the most successful among us cannot help but measure ourselves against the accomplishments of another.  While it’s good to aspire to the level of another, We should be careful to remember that we will not achieve in exactly the same way

Keep these thoughts in mind When you find yourself feeling like you just don’t measure up …

1. It is Your reward you seek

You are not working for the reward of the “other” guy.  Your family will benefit from YOUR effort.  Do the things that bring you success and treat the success of another as a classroom .  Learn from their successes, but work for Your own

2. You have value

There is Greatness inside of you, learn to reach inward for momentum, The approval of other people is nice, but it’s a crutch that will cause you to devalue yourself and steer you off course

Work to duplicate their results , Pick up their Positive habits, Do not invest time in mimicking their personality, Or their Mannerisms


3. Your weaknesses are your opportunities

Be thankful when you realize that you are weak in an area, This is your opportunity to grow.   Work constantly on YOU, learn from the success of your peers, and discover how that looks on you

Sell like your living depends on it


“Digging Out and Climbing Up” – Jerry Knight

If you have the privilege of being called a Sales Professional then I would bet that,  sometime during your career, you  have found yourself falling short of  your goal/quota. Some how you find a way to justify missing the mark. You make promises of improvement to your boss. You reassure your family that sometimes these things happen. Then you manage to  miss the mark again.  Before you know it you feel like you’re  on management’s radar. Your coworkers begin to look down on you,  and your family and friends are telling you things like “maybe you should consider getting a real job.”  Then the inevitable happens. Stress sets in and you begin to doubt yourself and your abilities. You begin to ask yourself why anyone would be crazy enough to do this for a living.

At that point it’s official…. You are in a Sales Slump.

Oxford dictionary defines the word slump as

1. A sudden severe or prolonged fall in price,  value,  or amount of something (sales) .

2. A period of substantial failure or decline (of sales) .

Sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it? Especially if you have a proven track record of productivity and success. I have seen the careers of several great salespeople, come to an end because they never bounce back from a slump.

We all go through these lulls during our careers . I believe that we can all overcome them. In order to pull yourself  out of a slump you must first understand how you got into this position. I am sure that you have heard countless Salespeople give all sorts of reasons why they are in a slump. They say things like “nothing is selling in this economy”  or “the Internet is killing my industry”.  My personal favorite is “everyone I talk too is just looking and not in the market for my product/service right now”

I can sum this up with one word…. BULL

If you will take a close look at the situation you will inevitably find that the reason you are in this Slump is because of YOU.

A slump can always be traced  back to something that YOU did or did not do. Maybe that sounds a little harsh but take a minute to think about something

. If YOU know that YOU, and only YOU, are the cause of your slump that means that YOU and only YOU can pull yourself out of it.

Not the economy. Not the Internet.  Not a potential customer. Not your family.  Only YOU.  Would YOU have it any other way? Are you willing to rely on some third party to pull you out of this lull? After all, aren’t  YOU the one who chose this career path? Wasn’t it YOU who decided that no one else would determine what YOU are worth and would let no one else determine how much money You should make?

My good friend and mentor,  Don Blanz, says that “a Sales Slump is nothing more than a Grave with the ends  kicked out”.  You may get buried  under circumstances that you cannot control but there is nothing keeping you there except YOU.  Go to work early and stay late if you have to.  Make one more phone call.  Send one more email. Do everything you can to get in front of one more customer.  Sometimes you have to get creative.  Occasionally you must step out side of your comfort zone.  You do whatever it takes to climb out of that hole.

Your brain is the most powerful tool that you possess. Changing the way that you think will surely change your outcome.

Until next time,

Jerry Knight
Sales Professional/
Motivational Writer

I would like to thank Don Blanz for the opportunity to bring you my perspective regarding topics that we face as Sales Professionals.  I welcome any input from our readers and encourage discussion regarding all things sales related.






Thats the reality of who we are,

Having a common purpose, Someone joining arms with us, Brings momentum

and Momentum brings Greatness 

We need a Unified Passion. It helps us feel strength and propels us toward our goals. 

Many Sales teams operate as individual performers who happen to work at the same place.  They ask for individual goals, they require individual effort, and they ALLOW individual failure .

I have found that when a Sales team adopts a “Team Goal, and operates with a communal effort, Individual Success is a given


4 tips on developing a Team mindset


1. Make Sure every member understands The Goals , and how their production fits into the overall success of the Dealership

– Everyone has Value

– each effort MATTERS

2. Talk about what SUCCESS looks like.  Share proven techniques, have each member contribute

  – Embrace and teach your processes

–  Map out a clear path to the Win

3. Protect the attitude of the team like it is GOLD

–  Dont allow Negativity to spread

  – Identify problems and solutions at the same time

4. Accept Personal responsibility for the success of your Team mates

  – If they fail the Team fails, Work with them.  Peer coaching brings real results

   – When they can’t stand up, Prop them up


Sell like your living depends on it

– Donnie


I get several emails a month asking for advice on getting Sales back on track.

This time of year I get an increased amount that contain Things like…
“It’s slow season” ,
“No one is buying” ,
“management isn’t advertising”,
” Everyone is slow”
” The weather is Horrible

and on and on I could go

If you have decided that your Road to the sale is a dead end, I would suggest that the problem is not the road…

1. Your skipping steps
The road to the sale doesn’t change, It is a constant path to consistent success.
Work with your customers the same way every time.
It doesn’t matter if there is 10 of them or 2 of them.
Slow down, Work the program, and the sales will come.

2. You’ve stopped training
Every Professional team begins It’s new season by training on the fundamentals.
Build redundancy into your process Now, and when the Season is in full swing you will be a finely tuned machine.

3. You’ve convinced your self that the business isn’t there
– Someone is shopping for your product right now, Their pleased to see that there are deals available, They appreciate that the crowds are smaller, and they can really spend some time in consideration. The question is… WHERE ARE YOU?
Are you the smoking area moaning about how slow it is?
Come to work EXPECTING to sell, Be prepared and ready, Operate with high energy and create your opportunity !!

4.You have allowed negativity to take hold of your thinking
Stop by your local book store and buy a good book, Dig out those training DVD’s you watched last year and watch them again. Become an encourager, bring a positive influence to those around you

Sell like your living depends on it
– Donnie

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