A Positive Attitude

A Positve Attitude

The final trait for this series on five traits that make Great Sales people


OK, here it is ,the nail that has been hit millions of times, in every conceivable manner, by every sales trainer I have ever heard speak.

And yet it is important enough to mention again!!


It is not a blind , Cartoonish view of the world .  It is not an unyielding belief that all things and all people are good.  It is not a state of ignorance or a child like view of life


A deliberate setting of the mind to avoid all thoughts and actions or people, that would negatively impact the life or work of the Sales person
  It is the intentional impacting on those around us in a positive and uplifting manner.
It is a critical element of success as a sales person, And I believe, success as a person in general
It is the constant pursuit of good training, and positive influences in one’s life

  lets face it, as Sales people we face rejection and negativity on a daily basis.  Even the best of us statistically
will fail two thirds of the time. We have to be armed to offset that negative wave, A positive attitude is the best preparation we can have

– It drives us to learn our craft
– It inspires others to step up
– It shines a light when surrounded by dark influences
– It is the fuel that gets us up early, and keeps us up late
– It is a family’s strength when the world says the outlook is dim
– It is the difference maker in head to head competition
– It is the heart beat of good selling organizations
– It is the shield that protects from the spears of our enemies
– It is the deep breath that keeps us from drowning when we are under water in life
– It is the telescope that puts the better horizon in focus

Sounds Great doesn’t it ! So where do you find it ? 


– It needs to be fed with good influences ( read good books, listen to great speakers, surround yourself with positive people.
– It needs to be shared , The more Positive energy you put out the more you get back, It is a self fueling
– It needs to be protected.  there are those that will rob it from you if you let them

Sell like your living depends on it

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