A sense of Purpose

A sense of Purpose

The fourth in Our series of five traits of Great Sales people



  1. The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal: “And ever those, who would enjoyment gain/Must find it in the purpose they pursue”(Sarah Josepha Hale).
  2. A result or effect that is intended or desired; an intention.
  3. Determination;  He was a man of purpose.
  4. The matter at hand; the point at issue.
  Those that truly master the craft of selling, are acutely aware of what they are working toward.  they are also grounded in the processes necessary to achieve that purpose
 The economy may waiver, The industry may be shaken, The money may get harder.  But the Greatest in our field just keep pressing forward.  They adjust their gameplan to account for changes in the market place ,but never take their eyes off the prize.
  Please don’t mistake this trait for blissfull ignorance, these are not ignorant professionals.   They stay up to date on industry trends and market fluctuations they are vigilant about staying current and proactive in their approach.
  A true selling great understands that fear is a gateway to failure, and they use preparation and hard work to overcome it.
  This principle trait makes them a natural leader, regardless of title.  Team mates and management both draw strength and encouragement from him or her .
  The Idea that you are what you do , is bad thinking .  You are many things,  A spouse, a Son/Daughter, a Father or Mother, A grandparent.   The best among us realize they are many things to many people, They work at having a healthy balance at life.  
  Seeing yourself in a complete picture is critical to success at selling.  It tells you how it all fits together for you. Looking at your self in this way ,will help you find structure and peace, It will make you a better sales person and a better person all around. 
  The importance of goals both personal and professional cannot be over stated .  
Benchmarks of progress are nessecary to understand where you are in life and how your work is contributing to your success.
Set simple clear goals  I would suggest a Daily, weekly, monthly, and Yearly plan.  Use these goals, as the best do, as milemarkers . 
 Where am I  vs. Where am I going .  How has my work paid off?  Am I in need of additional support, or an adjustment to my approach.  A simple plan makes the answers clear and that makes for Great sales people

Sell like your living depends on it


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