An Outpouring nature

An Outpouring nature

The third trait in our series Of common traits of great Sales people


  Those that reach the pinnacle of the selling profession know this principle trait well.

  You see the hallmark of success has never been the amount of money you make, although that is certainly a benefit of sales success.  It is in fact the number of lives you influence


If you have been in sales for any length of time at all, someone has mentored you at some time.  Chances are good that someone was not in a position that REQUIRED them too .  Rather odds are that those that mentored you most positively are Sales people that took of themselves, and poured into you


Fill a cup past the brim, and someone or something is going to get wet !!    When A Professional sales person is experiencing the benefits of being at the top of his or her game, It is a natural extension to want to share that success with the team around them.  That is exactly what the best in our business do


  When I came into sales, it was into a small office supply company.  I sold office equipment on the road to various businesses in Indiana.  One of my clients was an RV dealer.  I had the opportunity to show this dealer  a copier. About thirty minutes into the presentation, he asked me rather plainly, ” Do you know how to close me?” .  I had to admit to him I didn’t even know what the word close meant. 
  He made me the offer that changed my life.  He did not offer me a job, but rather, he told me if I would come by once a week, he would teach me how to sell .   We set the day for Tuesdays, (he bought the copier incidently), and my path of learning had begun.
  This man had no reason to invest his time or energy into me. He owned just a small dealership, and had no budget for another sales person.  He simply understood the principle of an out pouring nature.
  Three years later I went to work for that same dealership, and I was there for close to 17 years.  I began as a salesperson, and eventually held the position of GM.  I would have never experienced the RV business, or true sales success were it not for this Sales great in my life.  I have seen this principle first hand.


  Some one may say thet the only reason the Dealer above poured into me was to eventually hire me.  The truth is however He recieved the direct benefit of his out pouring nature.  I watched him for many years pour into others in the same way, He spent thousands of dollars making opportunities happen for his people.  ( I have since learned this is characteristic of many RV dealership owners in this great business)  This man started as a sales person , poured into others, and reaped the direct benefit from it

Sell like your living depends on it

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