Getting past average

When I was a younger man I aspired to be a Rock and Roll musician, When I dreamed of my future fame, I imagined the Stadiums filled to capacity and the Music lifting  the people . 
Funny, I never dreamed of rehearsal, Practice , voice lessons ,
  countless hours of travel,… well you get the picture.

No one dreams of hard work, long hours,training,and practice .  But this is exactly what it takes to rise above the average sales masses

Hard Work
Putting in the effort when the other guys are long finished, Being willing to get just a little farther before you wrap it up.  Asking

 just one more tough question, making just one more phone call. 
 Being the last man standing is often the difference in getting
the deal.  The greats in this profession understand this discipline

Long hours
 What gets you up earlier than the competition, What keeps

you going long after the office lights are out?
This discipline is the result of PASSION , a driving desire to
 be the best, to experience the magic that comes with being at
 the top of the game Sales leaders dont watch clocks, they
Make the time to make it happen.

Training and practice
I know a Sales person  who brags ” I have sold more units to my bathroom mirror than I have customers ” !
Incidently, he consistantly out sells his peers .  Sales is like any other Craft, training and practice are the key to lasting success.   Practice really doesn’t make Perfection, It does make you better and

that equals SALES

Sell like your living depends on it

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