Intense Energy


  This posting will be the first in a five part series on traits that make GREAT salespeople

Trait # 1  INTENSE ENERGY from Miriam Webster   isnt is interesting that the definition of Intense contains the word energy  hmmm

: marked by or expressive of great zeal, energy, determination, or concentration <intense effort> 
 It starts when your eyes open in the morning !  I describe it like a big bass drum beating in my chest. Your eyes open and into your inner man bursts a day full of opportunity .


The excitement of this new day just can’t be contained, It is settled briefly for some quiet time, Morning devotions , or reflection, but this time only serves to direct the energy

 Now  plan the day, What does it take to be great today?  This amazing opportunity has to be shared !!   Who will I call ?
How will I get in front of new prospects today?
How will I show yesterday’s customer that I appreciate the confidence he put in me?
How will I reward my family for their support
The energy is now being focused into a deliberate well structured  force


  This increased  focused directed energy will positively effect every facet of a Sales person’s day It serves as the fuel that keeps him on track, and the gust of wind that carries him over obstacles,

Its the intangible quality that sets him apart from the competition in the eyes of the customer
Its the Signal that tells the management that he is the right salesperson for the job
It’s the rally cry that draws the team to him for leadership
It’s the personal commitment that keeps him earning despite bad economic times

Intense Energy  the first quality in the formula for GREATNESS

Sell like your living depends on it


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