Looking at it with the customer’s eyes

Seeing your process from the customer’s perspective

I am sitting on my back deck with my Grandson Ayden, who is just a few months old. I am watching him tackle a cheerio for the first time.  His face tells a story of both confusion and excitement at the new taste sensation.
It will come as no surprise  that my thoughts turned to selling.

We as sales people  get so wrapped up in our processes and procedures,  that we forget there is someone in the mix that is seeing all this for the first time.OUR CUSTOMER

 No matter what you are selling, There is value in analyzing the experience of doing business with you from the customer’s point of view

 – Is it easy to shop with us?
   A retail display area should be neat, well thought out, and ready for a Customer to view.  Clutter in the showroom, poorly maintained inventory and a lack of order will derail even the best sales presentation.
  Our Customer draws their opinion of how we will care for their purchase by observing how we cared for it when it was ours

  – This really is an overlooked area in many businesses,  What would you hope to see looking casually through a window or doorway into an office?
When there is the chance that a customer will catch a glimpse  ” behind the curtain” , They shouldn’t draw the conclusion that we are not serious about what we do. – Keep your office areas neat and organized, avoid the  bad habits of leaving empty cups and lunch containers every where , Be aware of what is hanging on the walls, and sitting out in plain view.

  –   Some things are true no matter the business your in, and this is one of those truth’s
 The areas where a customer transacts business with us need to be business like .
  Extra care needs to be taken that personal information is protected at all times.  Money that is changing hands needs to be handled in a secure and trust worthy manner,  Every detail of this part of the process needs to foster a feeling of trust and security in our Customer’s mind.  – If I am handing you my hard earned money I dont want to see other customer’s personal information sitting out and treated with disregard for their privacy  I want to know I can trust you ( and it is also the law)

I started this segment writing about Ayden,s first cheerio, it is presently being eaten by my Yorkie and Ayden is enjoying a cookie.  Looking at it from his perspective, its a better choice!

Sell like your living depends on it

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