Be a difference maker

Being a difference maker
I have just wrapped up the five part series on Traits of Great Salespeople . I received an email from a young sales person who asks ” What if I am working to be a sales great, and my company is not concerned with greatness?”


From time to time you may find yourself working with a team that seems to put no importance in doing the things that set a company apart as truly exceptional .

This can be a very discouraging feeling, but you can make a difference.


Is it really the team that is failing to live up to greatness? Has your attitude slipped and changed your perspective? Hey it happens, a sales slump, some bad personal experience, maybe you have fallen in with some very negative influences. Before you know it you are blaming the company for your lack.
The mirror is the first step in being a difference maker. Make sure you are putting in all the personal effort you can, and check your attitude . Step one, Make sure you are not the problem


Where can the team do better? How can you contribute to the success of the organization. Remember if the company fails you fail as well. Sure you’ll find another job, but you have this one now , so lets work on making it better.
Ask sincere ” why” questions. “why are we doing it this way?”
Don’t waste time being combative here, it only serves to shut down the positive communication you are trying to encourage
Show leadership
Be willing to lead the effort, put in the work, and set the example. Criticism without action is wasted breath. You don’t have to hold a title to be a leader.
Acknowledge progress
If it is getting better, say so. this is a building process, Positive reinforcement is the mortar between the bricks. A pat on the back from a team mate is worth huge rewards to the team as a whole.


To many salespeople “jump ship” when the going gets tough. We have the tendency to ask loyalty of our employer, and not require it of ourselves. I am not suggesting that there aren’t legitimate reasons to leave a bad team. However I think we need to invest more time in improving the team before we throw in the towel.
Remember what drew you here
There was something that made this team appealing, what was it? has it changed? Can you get it back with some work. Its easy to whine, its harder to work and build. The work is worth the reward.
Take a fresh look at your goals
Renewed focus is often all that is needed to turn a team around. Take a hard look at your personal goal revive that inward fire that drives you, and see if the team doesn’t improve
Set an improvement time line
Decide what is a reasonable expectation of time for a turn around. Put in your best effort, and give it the opportunity to improve
No one ever finishes in first place by quitting the race

Sell like your living depends on it

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