Consider the source

Consider the Source
As a salesperson we are subject to a number of influences.

Some influences mean to make us better, and then there are those that would do us harm. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think we are in any sort of Physical danger at any given time, but we face something just as potentially dangerous to our performance , negativity.

This is that low down, scummy , sneaky ,get ya when your not looking kinda influence.. It shows up in the voice of a friend reminding you of how bad the economy is. It will show up in the arms of a manager that has had a bad day. It may show up on the heels of a bad sales month . It may even present itself in a family member’s lack of confidence in what you are trying to do.

The Fact is, It is powerless until it you give it life. This energy sucking parasite is like a tick, it is just a little bug until it gets under your skin and feeds.


OK so you find yourself surrounded by it, Hey that’s good news. When surrounded by the enemy, no matter what direction you shoot you’ll hit somebody!! Just start shooting ,
Put your Positive influence out there, say something kind, go out of your way to lift someone up. Buy a new CD, read a new book, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE .
Where there is no gardener, there is no garden . Don’t feed it, don’t water it, don’t give place to it . Insist that you remain positive and intentionally seek out influences that will strengthen that position.


Let the end of negative influence be with you!! It started somewhere, somebody gave place to it, they fed it and now they are passing it on to you STOP , PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AND REFUSE TO CARRY IT FURTHER


Be a leader, a source of Positive influence. Bring the medicine that PREVENTS the disease . Search for reasons to be optimistic, and SHARE those reasons.

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Those of you that have sent me emails ,thank you and keep em coming. I appreciate any feedback

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Sell like your living depends on it

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