Lets make it happen

Lets make it happen
I suppose there are few things as dis heartening to a retail sales pro than a business slowdown

You know what i am talking about, those days that feel as if they are crawling by, when there is just not enough coffee to keep you awake.

This is time we are most vulnerable to day dreaming, Time wasting, and the general dismemberment of all we are working towards.




Activity breeds activity.
Hey you’ve got the time available, so lets use it !! I will give you a formula that will increase your sales in a down month

A. – Send 20 handwritten notes daily
Let your prospects know that you are still in there working to earn their business
Snail mail is a lost art form, it is generally ignored by your competition which makes it fertile soil for growing new business – avoid form letters or computer generated “sell it all” letters. Just a few quick lines , hand written and sincere.

B. Dial for Dollars

30 to 35 calls a day
Not just blind cold calling here, targeted planned calls. Contact those customers that just needed some more time to make a decision. Contact that Customer who was just starting his shopping experience. Call the guy who told you no.
Are there deals and incentives that are here this month that wer’nt the last, Whats new in your industry ? Are there exciting product changes, PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW and you’ve got the time to tell them !!

C. Tend your Garden

You have developed a book of business, You have sold customers that know you, like you, and trust you.
They have friends and family members that would benefit from your services. Lets get those names and numbers. ( Create a reward system that makes your customer happy to have helped you with a referral a little money, a gift card, maybe a meal at the local restuarant )

Hey were getting busy already!! But we are not done yet !


A.- Make sure you are up to speed on any new innovations in product.
B. Analyze your competition, What are they doing well, what can you learn from them, and how will we
stay ahead of them
C. Perform a “Post Mortem” on lost deals ( I know this is a painfull exercise, It involves admitting we were not as good as we could have been . We have to look at our selves in a brutally honest light here and answer the toughest of all questions ” Where did I fail?”

One thing I have learned through the years is that a tight knit, like minded positive team can accomplish great things together. This is the time to make that happen,
Team up for your mutual success
Help a partner close a deal, ask them to help you, a fresh face, a new voice, this may be all it takes to turn a prospect into a customer and the team will be stronger for the success.
Train together -work on the rough areas of your game, steel sharpens steel !!
Share positive influences- we all need fresh insight and positive energy to stay on top. Be a provider of that energy

I’d share more, but you are way too busy to sit and read !!!

Sell like your living depends on it,

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