Luck takes work

Luck takes work
Early in my career I wasted a lot of time looking for lucky breaks that would increase my income, and make me a better Sales person
Like a lot of sales people I hoped for that big chance at the big sale that would change my fortunes forever
after some time I realized that Luck had nothing to do with being better

There is an old saying, the harder I work the luckier I get .

This saying has a lot of truth in it. I found that one key to becoming better was to put more effort into it than my peers.

– I came in early, and I stayed late – prepared for my day, got the morning pleasantries out of the way and was ready to sell when the opportunity arrived At the end of the day I found the quiet time I needed to review any mistakes that I had made, and decide how I would fix them in the future. I also found the time to write quick thank you notes to my customers, and make a call or two to the folks I didn’t reach earlier in the day I found my self talking to more customers and making more deals. Just lucky I guess

– I studied – Everything I could get my hands on, Product literature, Sales training books, Company manuals just any thing that might give me a morsel of knowledge that I didn’t have when I started I found my self more comfortable answering questions my customers asked. I saw that having the answers gained me a higher standing with the People that were buying from me. They trusted me to pass on good information and not just clever “sales speak” This skill allowed me to make better gross profit on my deals and my income increased . Plain lucky if you ask me .

– I practiced – I pitched my product to any one that would listen . Team mates, Customers, passers by, just any person that might take a moment and listen, including my wife and children. The more I practiced the better the presentation became . I managed to talk more about how the product improved the lives of my prospects, I could demonstrate that benefit in a way they could understand .I knew what my product did and how it worked My confidence rose and my sales increased . Lucky again

These are just some suggestions from my own career, I am by no means the best I can be, but I certainly know what it takes to get better. And that my friend keeps me lucky to this day.

Sell like your living depends on it

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