Handling Objections in a real world manner


I have heard a lot of techniques for handling objections

> Some say ignore it completely

> Others say it’s better to use a tool box method of jumping in and solving it immediately

> Still others suggest a downstream approach, whereby you mention every possible objection and its solution before the close


  All of these methods have validity in their own ways  I could not begin to characterize any of them as bad.

  I would like to offer you a three-step method of handling objections from a common sense perspective

1. Repeat the concern  – this allows the customer to hear his objection and  consider it’s validity      ex 

    customer : ” I don’t like the color”

     Sales pro :  ” You don’t like the color?”

     customer: ” Well, I could live with it ,but if you have other’s I’d like to see them”

2.Identify the Solution and an alternative

  Sales pro : ” What color is your preference?” 

 Customer : “I really wanted red “

Sales Pro :  “If red isn’t available, do you have a second choice, or can we make this one work?”

Customer :  Red is best, I could live with this , but red really is my preference”

3. reinforce the compromise/solution

Sales Pro : “Great !!  I’ll get moving on a red one, but i am glad to hear we can move forward either way”


This type of method accomplishes two things,

A. – It lets the customer know that his concerns matter

               – you heard the objection

               – you offered a solution

              – you’re going to work for him


B.  – It allows for the possibility that a deal can still be worked out even if you aren’t successful in fixing the objection


Try this approach, it will work in virtually any situation  . 

I know it’s just a simple common sense approach, but hey , isn’t that what this site is about?!

Sell like your living depends on it


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