We worry a lot about what others think, we want their perception of us to be that we are a stream lined shiny sales machine.  We want polish and sheen to be our hallmarks.


– Late hours aren’t pretty , but they are necessary for getting it done .  being available to the Customer at inconvenient times, working to accommodate a schedule that is set by someone else.  Nope, nothing pretty about going in when its dark and coming home when its dark

– Study isnt Pretty –  Grabbing every available resource, making sure you are up on your product, and the products of your competition.  Brain racking and mental sorting of new facts isn’t pretty.  It’s just part of the package that we recognize as essential to our success.

Practice isn’t Pretty at all – Its full of mistakes, flubbed word tracks and stubs of the toe.  It has the added treats of kicking the desk when you get it wrong and pestering Our spouse to let us try it

out on them just ” one more time”.

– Integrity isn’t always pretty either –  Some times the truth is brutal. It’s real, and important, and hard to ignore.  Integrity is the kind of thing that makes a long path where a lie would make short work.  It challenges us to find real solutions and follow the rules .. It FORCES us to look hard in the mirror AND MAKE THE TOUGH CALLS.   Hey lets be honest, it sometimes costs the sale completely.  Just not always pretty

But isn’t it Beautiful when it all comes together

– A Happy Customer Shines brighter than the brand new product they just purchased

– Wasn’t it impressive that we knew just what the Customer needed, and how it would meet their needs

– And How about that Magical presentation, didn’t that look easy !!!  Now that’s POLISH

– And that mirror… Well who wouldnt be proud of that face looking back


Sell like your living depends on it



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