The one essential sales tool

  I get a few emails every week and many of them are people that are new to the world of sales.  It would seem by these emails, the culture of selling has boiled down to a lot of folks looking for a “Magic Bullet “.  They want that one skill, or one idea that will make them an instant success.

In fact there is one essential ingredient that will ensure success in sales …..


–> All of you, as you are today

  your attitude, your best effort, your commitment .  Sales success will require all you can give in each of these areas.

—>  All that you will become

  As you grow in experience and knowledge , you will have to apply every new skill that you acquire into staying at the top of this profession.  Failing to grow is as dangerous to a sales career as never starting at all

—>  All that you can give away

  This is a point I really hope you get a hold of, and apply.   Success is not just a personal event, it is an event that should touch and improve everyone around us .  This is where real achievement is born, In the lives we touch 

Sell like your living depends on it



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