I recently had conversation with a young Sales person who felt it was his place to inform me that I was “Old School”  and that the reality is Sales people “only use Honesty and Integrity as buzz words to gain customer trust”

While I agree that there are people who believe this is true, I strongly disagree that it is the reality for Most Sales Pros. 

Honesty doesnt get in the way of Sales Success it propels it

    It’s not new thinking, but it is BOLD thinking.   having a platform of total disclosure, and above the table negotiation is key to landing life long sales relationships.   Clients will spend their money once with a company that lies to them, but they won’t return. 

   Clever disguise of the facts makes for slick ad campaigns, and Fluffy presentations, but it doesnt bring Partnership or real lasting Growth .  

A sales pro is not looking for the short term “Score” He is looking to build a solid reputation, and network of committed Customers and Colleagues .


  Integrity isn’t a learned skill it IS a Character trait

  Someone once said “Character is who you are in the dark”.

We tend to think of Honesty and Integrity as one and the same thing, but I would submit to you :

Honesty is the ACTION and Integrity is the MOTIVE  behind the Action.  Honesty is in fact a product of Integrity.

So here is the plain common sense on the matter ;  A Customer that knows he can trust what you say, and knows that your words and actions are rooted in a place of personal integrity, Will be YOUR customer for life.  This is the stuff  of real Sales proffessionalism.

In my next post I will deal with keeping your integrity intact even when your company isn’t willing to do the same

Sell like your living depends on it



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