So we have discussed the importance of honesty and integrity, But how do you keep your reputation and ideals in tact when surrounded by peers that don’t value the same things?

A.  Establish your boundaries early

  Use the probationary period ( usually 90 days)  to establish who you are.  No need for grandstanding here, just a pattern of standing for what is right.  Don’t engage in conversations that are in conflict with your values.   Very quickly you will be identified as a person that will not be easily swayed into bad activity.


B. Identify who is willing to cross the line

Hey,  separation is not a bad word here, you may have to work with these folks to achieve your goals, but you do not have to walk arm in arm into the abyss!!   You can maintain your personal path and work alongside those that don’t share your values.


C. Let your success do you’re talking

  You don’t have to launch a campaign, When your co-workers see you succeed they will naturally look closely to see where the differences are .  This is your opportunity to make a difference in the team as a whole.  “If you want to succeed like me, I will share my “secrets ” with you.”  

D. Pour positive ethical energy into the workplace as often as you can

     Bring in good books, CD’s and literature.  Leave them in common areas.  Offer your personal resources to the team for their use.   Demonstrate the principles you hold dear in the midst of real situations as they arise .

OK  I hear you , “lets cut to the chase here , What do you do when the dealer/owner tells you point-blank that they expect you to operate unethically to perform your job?”


   Acknowledge that you realize they have built a business with these principles, but you offer real solutions that won’t leave them open to liability and a path to eliminate the impact of the negative reputation that they have undoubtedly earned

– They hired you for a reason, restate the obvious

– There is benefit to maintaining an ethical business platform – show them

– STAND your ground , demand  the respect you deserve for your your hard work and values


   There is ALWAYS a place for people who are willing to do right.

If you find you are a part of a company that see’s no value in ethics and morality .  You are in danger of losing our personal reputation by continuing your affiliation with them. 

 And worse, the longer you stay the more “normal” this way of doing business will become.  You are in danger of losing yourself as well.


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