In my industry I meet sales people very often that fail to understand how a longer range customer fits into their income picture.

I hear things like

” This guys wasting my time”

” This prospect says he isn’t buying for __ years , WHY IS HE HERE? ”

” Another one, just looking around getting ideas ”

” I guess I am just a tour guide for these folks”

   I also hear many other discriptive phrasing that I can’t print here in the interest of good taste, 

The fact is, we should be grateful for this type of customer, they are keeping us in the game !!  Learning to view your Customer base as a funnel is key to understanding how long term sales revenue is sustained.

I want to share this funnel principle with you , and it’s application

                                                  \ RESEARCHERS AND INFORMATION GATHERERS /

                                                        \                LOOSELY INTERESTED              /

                                                                \             SOME INTEREST              /  

                                                                        \           LOOKING             /

                                                                              \       READY        /

                                                                                   \   BUYING  /  

, many trainers train us on a road to the sale with a buyer, BUT they ignore a step by step approach for developing a customer until he is ready to buy.

The object of a funnel approach is moving the prospect down the funnel one step at a time until they are in a position to purchase. 

  Taking this approach helps the Sales pro to understand that there is value in every prospect.   I know we want to sell every one we talk to , and we want to do it right then and there.But  We must learn to develop  our Customer base  to achieve the best results.

In the coming posts we will look at this approach with more depth

Sell like your living depends on it






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