The Opportunity Funnel explored

The idea of the funnel to describe Customer development isnt a new one, as a matter of fact if you explore the web you can find lots of Trainers claiming credit for it’s creation.

Good ideas are not always new, But they are always worthwhile

Yester day i gave you the Customer development funnel, and today I will discuss each level and the goal for that level.


The researcher –   This customer has seen an ad, heard fro a fiend, or has some other general idea about your product or service.  he is unsure of his needs, and no where near a purchase.

The Goal –  Hey lets not make this complicated, give him what he wants, Ideas and information.  Our objective is to increase his interest level in our Products .  If we push him too hard at this early stage he may make a  decision, and quickly back out.

Loosely interested / Some interest – This Customer has determined that he has a desire to own, but still has no idea of the specifics he needs.

The Goal –  We need to stoke the fire here, lets help this prospect narrow down his needs wants and desires

Looking –  NOW we are cooking !!  we have developed a real , educated, and high value prospect.  By sticking with him through the development process we have earned his trust as an expert , and identified a clear path to meet his needs .

The goal  – Settle on a unit, and Start working on the purchase

READY/BUYING  – I will assume if you are reading this blog, you probably have a system to carry the ball from here.


Sell like your living depends on it





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