Here is a little Acronym for ya this morning

W – Wild Ambition  Big dreams require BIG ambition, a dream that drives you to get up early, and keeps you up late.   An uncontrollable urge to achieve all that you ever imagined was possible.

O- Outrageous commitment   The kind of commitment that leaves the other guy wondering what kind  of performance enhancing drug your on !!   Making that one extra call, preparing and executing that utterly amazing presentation,  Working the Client everyone else thinks is a waste of effort, Burning the midnight oil making sure you understand every detail of the product.

R- Reaping the rewards   Your turning in vouchers when the others are turning in complaints.  You’re hearing comments about having an “unfair” competitive advantage, and being the ” House Mouse, or Manager’s pet”   The bad attitude party down the hall has made you the number one topic of their “____” sessions.   But your so busy getting ready for the next opportunity, you havent got time to worry about the distractions they would throw your way

For you its about Creating possibilities and cashing checks

K – KILLING IT There simply isnt any other way to describe this level of success, The phones are ringing, The prospects are buying, and The appointment book is full .  Your killing it !!     Preparation, Positive Energy, and Skillfull execution have made this The job everyone would love to have.  ITS ALL YOURS !!


Sell like your living depends on it



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