I just finished taking a T/O from a sales person.

He explained to me ; ” Everything is perfect Donnie, He loves the unit, the price is right in his range, he has good credit, I just cant get a commitment from him to purchase.”

I walked to the customer, introduced my self, and asked him for his business . 

                                                    We deliver the unit tomorrow.

  Now, I am a pretty good sales person, (heck if you ask me I’m legendary !! )

 But this had nothing at all to do with skill.  In fact, the work was all done before I even opened my mouth and extended my hand.  So what was missing?

No one ever asked the customer to buy.

  This is a very common occurence, .  I know it is hard to imagine that this happens to professional sales people everyday, but it does.

Wrapped up in the process

  We get so tuned in to our selling process

 We have those seven steps to a sale, and we move steadily through them.  We are ever aware of where we are in the sales structure, we have interviewed,presented,and trial closed just like a pro.  The customer loves us, loves the unit, We have the kind of rapport that could easily be mistaken for a friendship…

And then he asks for our card, thanks us for our time and leaves !!!!!

W WHAT ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!        

We forgot why they came   

  Remember the dances in Juinor high,   ( admittedly its been a long time ago for me)   You would walk in to see all the girls on one side of the gym, and the boys milling about the punch bowl area.

Until some brave soul with sweat beading on his forehead, and shaking hands, got up the nerve to cross the gym floor and ask some sweetie if she wanted to dance …

OFF COURSE SHE DID !!  THATS WHY SHE CAME !!   Next thing you know the dance floor was filling up with young dancing couples.  Some one just had to ask .

  The Principle is the same here in sales,  someone just needs to ask. 

They came to buy, So what are they waiting for?   

 What has them stalled ?     what magic moment is it that they are waiting for?        


Sell like your Living depends on it



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