Weve all seen it , a Sports figure is at the top of his game, his endorsements have him all over the TV, His name is synomonus with the sport. Then semingly out of the blue …CRASH .  The echoes from the fall are heard world wide, suddenly he’s gone from Americas’s sweet heart to the guy no one wants to know

  The same thing happens every day to top producers in the Sales industry and for much the same reasons ;


   Make no mistake sales people can ruin a great professional stride by getting on a bad personal path.  I dont want to sound preachy here, but the facts are strong.

– Value your Marriage and Home life – far to many Sales people fall victom to temptations that draw them away from this most precious commitment, Without the love and support of our families our goals diminish in importance and we stop looking at our profession with a long range plan.  Our time becomes un important and work seems a distraction of our attention.  The emptiness of a failed marriage is a success sucking vacuum that takes far too long to overcome

– Value Your focus –   There are many things that will dull your focus, but few will do it faster than drug and alcohol abuse ,   It feels good at the time, but the end is wasted money and  a wasted life.   These habits have the potential of becoming the center of your life .  As your dependency grows your focus shifts from feeding your success to  feeding the habit.  You will find your self a slave , and powerless to overcome

– Value your Integrity –  You cant get it back, once you have crossed the line you can’t undo the damage.  If you develop a reputation as a person that will will compromise their principles to suit a situation ,you will always be known as that person

– Value your learning –  If you stop learning you stop selling, its just that simple. Once you believe you have learned all you can YOUR DONE.     Some competitor will slip in with a willingness to grow and learn, and you’ll find yourself watching the magic happen instead of making it happen


Just a word of caution because I care about your success 

Sell like your living depends on it



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