Surf or get wet

 I have to admit I have never been on a surf board, However in observing the sport I have reached the conclusion that it is much dryer on the top of the board than beneath it.

  Our profession has some similarities.


 – A Changing customer base  –  Our customers are more educated and have more information at their fingertips than ever before  – The good news is, so do we !!!  We have the  ability to meet our customer’s  needs  faster and with better effeciency 

– A Changing Sales process  –  Gone are the days of sign here financing, and with them went the lazy sales efforts of yesterday.  I have met many Sales people who lament for the “good ole days ”  The times when the financing came easy and the effort was minimal .  This wave is a big one we have to surf daily !!  The good news is, our buyers are stronger and more committed to the purchase.  their hard work and good credit are rewarded with low interest rates and perks that are reserved for those that have earned them 

A Changing sales environment  –  Remember the sales people that treated our customers like they had no value?  They raked in the easy money lieing on the credit applications, forging the facts, and in general destroying the buyer and the reputation of their company.   They have gone on to easier pastures, We that remain are relieved to see the return of solid ethics and financial responsibility.  Sure it takes more work to do things right but the rewards are fantastic !!

  Surfing the waves of change is a skill we learned to work on every day.

Sell like your living depends on it



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