This just seems to be a painfull topic for so many Sales people !!

We treat the phones like we have an allergy, We dread the attempt, make excuses to keep us away from it, Some will even go so far as to convince themselves that they don’t need the phone work to be successful


  The problem is we are not working the phones with a plan…

Let me give you a three word plan for every phone call

1. Information

2. Motivation

3. Destination


1. INFORMATION  –  Have something to say !!!  Your not just calling to say hi. 

  Can you hear the silent screams coming from our customers?  ” DON’T WASTE MY TIME”  .  

   If you are taking the time to call, take the time to plan.   Have some new information to share. Analyze the reasons they havent purchased yet, and address those concerns with a fresh solution.  A bright idea, A better product choice, A financial promotion.  any of these is better than ” Just called to say Hi” 

2. MOTIVATION –  The natural result of new information , should be the motivation to make a move.  What is your customer’s reason to come back and see you.   Are you excited about the opportunity presented ?  If you are not projecting excitement and energy, where will they draw it from?   


3. DESTINATION  –  Set a TIME, PLACE, and PURPOSE  .  Have set appointment, and be available and prepared at that time.   Tell Your manager that they are coming , and that you will need to have the product available for presentation.  Let the receptionist know that they are coming and how you would like them directed.  Have the product staged, clean, and ready to show without delay.  

Call prior to the appointment and confirm the time and date. On the morning of your appointment check for any new programs that will impact the buying decision. and be ready with the very latest  

And remember

Sell like your living depends on it !!


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