So here are the Sales tips you asked for

  I get emails from time to time, all of which I read and try to respond to.

  One thing I am asked for with some frequency is selling tips, good ideas or things that will help a sales person gain an edge or boost

I thought this morning I would share 5 tips that will help you increase your sales production:

If you would like to add a tip to the list, put it in the comment section and i’ll publish it

1.  GET UP EARLY –  I know you really don’t like this one, but hey time to mentally prepare and motivate is critical to a great selling day.   Try giving yourself just fifteen extra minutes in the morning to listen to a motivational CD, or read a good sales book, If you dont have either just jump on youtube and watch a training video  This will make a big difference in your production.

2. PLAN YOUR DAY – Dont just fly through the days and weeks on a wing and a prayer, write out a plan for your day.  A hot list of prospects you need to call,  plan time for product training , and personal development.  Simply having a road map for your time will increase your income substantially

3.  SET GOALS –  Give your self something to shoot for, measure your success and reach for a new plateau.. tip within a tip:  Dont let the company set your goals for you, you should be reaching higher than their expectation

4. BE WILLING –  Take on the tasks that the others think are not worthwhile,  Have you ever noticed that people scatter when the work shows up?  Be that Sales person that is willing to put in the effort .  That difficult service customer could end up sending you referrals out of gratitude.  That Customer with the credit challenge may just able to buy a less expensive product and pay cash, That brochure gatherer could just be looking for a salesperson willing to put in the time

5. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE :   I really want you to get this  THERE IS NO PROFIT IN NEGATIVITY Negative Attitudes start out sucking the production from the Individual, and progress to sucking the production out of the entire team.  There perhaps is no greater hindrance to your personal success than a bad attitude.   You must work just as hard on your attitude as you do the job.  Be sensitive to what influences you in a negative manner, and learn to counter act this influence with positive energy and influence.  Avoid the players with spoiled conversations and stinkin thinkin.


These five tips will help you no matter what the product is you are selling

And as always

Sell like your living depends on it


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