Who you are is Why they buy

I stumbled on this one early in my career

I’m gonna share a pearl with you today

    Early in my career I had the privilege of selling office equipment across a two state territory.   It was getting near Christmas and I’ll be honest I was struggling to make the ends meet. 

Heck I was struggling just to hold on to the ends!!

  I walked into a Car dealership that used me for their office needs, The task at hand was to design a computer workstation for the title clerk (making use of what had to be a broom closet turned into the worlds smallest office.)I stood in front of the Dealer and gave him my presentation,

 He  paid very little attention as I talked.  This was not a priority for him and he planned to buy as long as I could make the space work.   he did not even look up as he asked

 ” Will you take less?”   


Now I had his attention,

 Putting his pencil down, he looked up at me over the rim of his reading glasses.

” Hey guys. ” he yelled  out to his Sales people in the lobby.  ” Step in here a moment”

  When he felt he had a sufficient crowd developed to demonstrate his point, he proceeded to explain…

 ” This young man has just told me that he can’t take less for the workstation.” 

  Then standing from behind the desk, he walked around it ,  stood in front of me and asked in a firm tone. 

 ” Why won’t you take less, I buy all of my supplies from you, I am a good customer, and I deserve a break when I ask for it. ”


  ” You see Mr _______,  It is nearly Christmas.   My son Brandon heas asked me for a new bicycle.  The bike he wants costs  $79.00  at Wal-Mart.  The commission I will receive from this sale will pay for that bike.  I don’t want to break his heart at Christmas.   I know you are a good customer,  I try as well to be a good Sales person. 

 Today I am hoping that I deserve a break.”

He wrote me check, and said “Go get that bike.”

  I had indeed given him  good service.  I had never deceived him and I genuinely cared about his company and their needs.   I had given him ample reason to value me more than a discount.

Sell like your living depends on it



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