The Economy between your ears

  We are starting to hear the rumblings again !!


  The doom sayers are once again out in force , ” Gas Prices are too high, Credit is too tight, and people just aren’t buying ”


  The formula for sales success doesn’t change because of economic conditions, It remains a constant even when every thing around it changes

                                                                                      SUCCESS STILL FOLLOWS HARD WORK !!

                                                                                                                             It’s funny how factors beyond our control affect us  very little, when we apply focus and energy to what we can control.   Frankly, Your just too busy to fail, You don’t have time for it.  the Customers you sold last year ,last month, and yesterday are counting on you for good follow-up.  They need a confident, trust worthy source to send their friends and family to.

   That customer that is watching his pennies  has to have you available, to ensure that neither his time or investment is wasted .   He doesn’t want to hear about the economy,( he is living in it).  He searches you out for fresh perspective, and a reason to move forward with his purchase.  THATS YOUR JOB !!

  Put down the newspaper, Its robbing you of energy and enthusiasm.

                                      Put on the cartoon network instead of the morning news if you must watch TV in the morning.    A laugh to start  the day will do you more good than some talking head telling you how bad it is !!

                     STOP  attending  services at the coffee pot congregation and the smoking area sanctuary, Where the message is always the same old negative spew !!    Your needed in the sales arena,.  There is money to be made, and Customers to take care of.

STOP attending services at the

 “coffee pot congregation”,

and the “smoking area sanctuary” Your needed in




It’s the Economy between your ears that sets the tone

for sales success, You have complete control of the

content and contributions going in, and the effort

going out.  So… How’s the economy??



2 Comments on “The Economy between your ears

  1. I think what people are forgetting is that even during the Great Depression, where times were tough, there were still needs to be filled. Who filled them? Sales professionals. Money is moving; its up to the sales person to flow it in their direction.

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