So… You messed it up

OK so you blew the deal,

                                     had it  right there in your hand ,

                                                                        and some how let it slip. 

I know your angry, You’ve kicked the desk, cussed under your breath, sat for several minutes with your head in your hands…

  How did this happen??????????????????????? 

                                                          You were prepared !! 

                                                                              You gave a great presentation,

The money was right, and the customer liked you ….

 What do you do when it just doesnt make sense 

I know your angry, You’ve kicked the desk, cussed under your breath, sat for several minutes with your head in your hands…


  Ask the buyer  –  I have seen many sales people take this advice, and go on to close the deal they thought they had lost.

  ” Mr buyer, I know you have made the decision to pass on this deal today, But I really felt we were on the right unit at the right price.                                    Because I feel so strongly about our working together in the future, I just have to ask ;  What did I miss?      How did I lose your commitment?:”


What did I miss?

The answer may shock you !!

It may be something very simple, that you took for granted they understood.  There may be a hidden credit issue that prevents anyone from putting a deal together.  perhaps the competition just did a better job

One sure way to find out – is to ask

Do a mental post-mortem –  If its too late to talk to the buyer, find a quiet place and review the game tapes.   This is what all professionals do ,Study the failures and use the information gained  to make the next opportunity better

And lastly…

  Get on to the next one !!  Thats right,   dust your self off,   fix your head,    and go get em!!

  you havent stopped being a talented professional just because this one didn’t work out.  The fundamentals are still the same.  You need to get right out on that selling floor and try again.  

Always remember this :

Failure is not a person,

it is an event

sell like your living depends on it


One Comment on “So… You messed it up

  1. There are so many sales reps who don’t ask why a deal was lost. It’s too bad, so much information can be gathered. I’ve been told by sales reps that they already feel bruised, so for fear of a tongue lashing they keep silent. I always tell my team, when you ask a question honestly and with respect, people feel obligated and even want to answer.

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