Selling the customer that wont be sold

You’ve met this guy…

He is the one that won’t look you in eye, he will barely shake your hand. This prospect goes out of his way to make certain you know he hates sales people and he doesn’t care what you know or how you can help. 

He will use defense phrasing like “ just let me look and I’ll let you know if I need you” or “ If you pressure me I will leave.” ( When all you did was ask his name)  

We have all heard the suggestions from the Guru’s that haven’t been on the selling floor in twenty years…. 

KILL EM WITH KINDNESS”yea because that’s what he wants – NOT . try this gushy approach and you will find out quick 90% of the other guys tried the same approach and failed. 

WEAR HIM DOWN WITH DETAILS “ Wait before you start out on this colossal waste of effort,  maybe you should understand                                              

                                                                     HE ISNT LISTENING!! 

JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE AND LET HIM WANDER THE LOTwhen he is done you will be handing out your card an saying good bye 

So, How do we help this customer ? And I mean really accomplish something here, lets ask it the right way… HOW DO WE SELL HIM SOMETHING? 



                                          WE LET HIM BUY 

Sir, I completely understand where you are coming from, We have all met those sales people that could care less about how hard we work for a living, and what we really want to spend our money on.”

How about I make you a commitment concerning your visit here today…

You tell me what you want to see,

I wont waste your time showing you anything else

and if you like it enough to buy it on your terms, GREAT.

And if not I wont sell it to you. How does that sound “


  Putting it simply this is called a perceived transfer of control

I know, every Sales Manager you have ever had told you to always maintain control of the customer, but here my friends is the clearer definition of the rule in this case- You can control the sale, but you can’t control the customer

You see this guy came in the door locked up with the fear of losing control ,  Some low life sales person some where put him through the pains of a poor sellig process, and he is walking wounded.

But two things are true

He has a desire to shop


 So let him, Its just that  simple .  Give him the opportunity that he is looking for, Be the one Sales person that will let him BUY

Sell like your living depends on it



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