Sales poison


 I have had occasion to work with several types of personalities in sales 

I am sure I have not seen it all , but I would like to share some  with you that I have found to be pure poison to a sales team.  If you recognise these sales people   STAY AWAY !!!!  They will suck your productivity and positive energy. 


  • The “ It was better over there “ guy – This is the guy who will tell you how much better his last job was. The hours were better, the pay was higher, the customers were all credit qualified . To hear them talk you would wonder how your business does any business at all   EXCEPT- They left that last job… hmmm .  and when they leave this one they will tell their new team mates how much better it is .
      • The “ I’m better than my results guy “ This guy will tell you every day just how great he is at this thing called selling.   Of course the Delivery board doesn’t reflect it, but that’s because Management is playing favorites, and he doesn’t get the house mouse deals.” He doesn’t think  he should have to attend training meetings, or study new product. He is the best he has ever seen. – The truth is he probably has experienced some success in the past, but his Ego has over ridden his heart .  Unless he re gains his enthisiasm, and returns to the fundamentals that built his career early on, he will settle into the pool of mediocrity 
    • The ” I’d rather be lucky than good” guy Dont get to know this guy, when the door traffic slows down and it is time to do the hard work of follow up and prospecting, he will move on to the next dealership.  He just wants to wait at the front desk until the “buyers” and “Lay downs”  come in.  There is no real skill here, just plain laziness.   ~You may wonder why he is even around.  The answer is that some manager’s learned long ago that this type of sales person will come in for a season and make deals happen.  They see the short term production as being worth the aggrevation.  Personally, I would rather have a “green pea” with heart and enthusiasm taking up those training dollars. 

 The ” I oughta be running the place” guy  – He never gives Management a chance, Her doesnt like the Ad campaigns, The Inventory is all wrong, And He always has a “better idea” .    But ,when the Sales Manager asks for input, he is never speaking up !!  Why is that???? It is simply because it is easier to complain about today than work for tomorrow.

In the words of Cowboy Mouth ” It’s easy to b^*ch…” 


If you happen to be exposed to one of these characters, remember this  :

Positive progress can be stalled by negative influence.    Just a word of warning , guard the “Good Stuff”  and….

Sell like your living depends on it


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