Like most people that own a home based business , my home office doubles as a Guest/storage room.

Last night i was working very late doing some listings. and needed to use my office.   As I was working close to midnight, the light from the only lamp in the room burnt out.   Now I know that doesn,t sound like a big deal,  but remember this room is a maze of my inventory shelves , and stored furniture.   

Making my way through this obstacle course I was rewarded with two stubbed toes, and one nasty thunk on the head.   This is not a new room, I have been it it many times, BUT, that experience didnt help me when I was in the dark.

Obviously this isnt a blog on proper room lighting, so I guess I’ll stop rambling and start relating.

We take for granted that Our customers know the process of making a large ticket purchase.

                                                                                 They drive a car, and live in a home, therefore we assume they are familar with how the process works. 

THEY HAVE DONE IT BEFORE – Sure they know  that the last time they did this, a salesman showed them a unit. They had to hammer out a deal.  They had to double check every fact, and compare several models,and visit countless dealerships .  They are expecting aggravation, and confusion, stubbed toes, and bumped heads  to be a  part of this process.  WHY??????!!!!!!  

                                        NO ONE HAS EVER TURNED THE LIGHT ON

What does a” well lit” buying experience look like ?

A Professional Sales person takes the time to interview the Customer and find out What they want, and why they want it

                                                                    The customer is demonstrated the models that will actually benefit their situation. Time is taken by a trained professional to make sure they understand It’s features and benefits.

                         The negotiation and financing processes are explained and handled with integrity and the respect due.   Down payments, interest rates, and terms are discussed with the credit picture in mind. ( Not just a wild impossible pencil, designed to get a yes and blow em up later )   Every effort is made to keep this process transparent and the customer informed.

Promises made are handled quickly, and the delivery process is seamless; including a thorough demonstration , an expression of sincere gratitude. And a concern for their time

 See what I mean, No stubbed toes in that process




Sell like your living depends on it



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