Slipping down,Getting back up,and staying up !!

Your fired up,

                                READY TO ROCK!!!

                                                                                                                          FULL OF POSITIVE ENERGY  


Now what?


 We all have seen this more times than we can count.  A sales person finds a source of inspiration and motivation, Gets all fired up and then burns out just as quickly.  Why are we so up and down as sales people, Why can’t we sustain longterm positive thinking?

   A former employee called me the other day and said ” Donnie your always up !!”    

                                              NOT TRUE

I get down, stressed and challenged.   hurt,  angry, and frustrated.   been busted broke, selling desperate, and groping for my way…..   And you probably do too.         

BUT —  I have been blessed to have Positive influences in my life.     I have learned to look for them.  When I feel Overwhelmed I simply seek out a Positive team mate, friend, or mentor and I soak in their enthusiasm. 

They pour into me and I quickly find myself back in an “UP” frame of mind.       It is not possible to reach inside the brain and motivate another person, but it is possible to create an environment in which they can  become motivated.  It is possible to project Positive energy and a great attitude.  Some people make this look easy, and I love them for it.

NOW I strive to be ” That source”.

    Amazingly I have found that the more I pour into other people, the more I get poured into.  It is that ever present influence that creates the appearence of ” Always being up”   And that is how I want to be known!!!   

Sell like your living depends on it, And lift someone else up !


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