Donnie I love selling!”

The eager newbie’s eyes are bright and full of genuine excitement as he opens his first commission voucher…

WHA????? “ His face drops as his eyes settle on the bottom of the page.

I really thought I had more commission than this, I worked that guy on numbers for hours  hammering out a deal . Why didn’t I make more money?”

It’s a question of worth.” I respond.

Not the product’s worth,

 or even the worth of the deal.

It is a question of how youseeyourworth.”

What keeps us negotiating to the absolute bottom of the barrel? What makes us willing to accept that we are not worth more?

  • Some would say it is the drive in us to get the “Yes”
  • Others would reason that it is just the reality of sales
  • Still others say “ Price is King”
  • I even heard it said that “ some of anything is better than all of nothing” ( and I am sure that’s true )

All of these are  reasons for accepting a lower price on a product, but that isn’t really the question I am asking .

I’ll ask it another way….

WHO decides what you personally are worth in the transaction?     YOU DO

  Very early in the process we begin to establish our personal worth.  

 If we are just someone quoting prices, and “What ifs” we are worth very little to our customers.

If however, we are an expert in our product, and we are able to demonstrate just how much value the unit will add to the Customer’s life, we have real worth to our customer

You see it is and will always be a “get what you pay for” world.  And Our Clients will pay for good service.


 – BE AVAILABLE – take the calls, return messages promptly, keep deadlines and appointments

 –   BE CLEAR  – No gimmicks, no fuzzy math, no hidden details – Just put it all out there

  –  BE GRATEFUL – Acknowledge early on that you need their business and are thankful for it

 –  BE POSITIVE –  It’s a highly competitive market , don’t go negative or combative, be positive

 –   BE OVER THE TOP –  Money follows service where ever it goes! ( quoted from Paul  Cummings)

 –   BE CERTAIN OF YOUR VALUE –  command a higher price, and be WORTH it !!



  1. Very good personal reality check. You nailed it! People buy from who they like and for “their” reasons, NOT YOURS! If you do your job with genuine sincerity and understanding of what “your” customer wants, then the rest is easy. Always listen to what your customer is saying, and plan their desire to fulfill their wants and needs as they asked for. Never cram a customer into a car they didn’t ask to see because you knew it was a big hit for you. “you didn’t listen them”! You should listen for the probable, them show the possible. Slick talk makes customers walk! Be considerate and professional, It always provides great returns into your wallet. CMD from Indy.

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