Pick up the phone !!

As sales people we often guage our day based on the in bound traffic at our location.

If we are not careful we will find our selves adopting the mindset that if the door isnt swinging we aren’t selling. 

That should be the farthest thing from true !

Your sales success starts and ends with your effort and commitrment.

A part of that effort has to be good phone work

Get on the phone

I have met some sales people that avoid phone work like the plague, It takes everything they have to dedicate the time to sit down and spend time making follow up calls.  

The thing is, they just havent put in the time to realize the benefit of Phone work.. Today I’ll give you some bullet points on Good phone work  ;

1. It keeps your prospects engaged –   When your connected your vital .  Always be in touch with current information and opportunities.  You are your best source of advertising. 

2. It keeps your Previous customers connected –  Few things feel worse than having to admit that you cant remember a customer’s name or what he bought from you.  If you make it a habit of staying in touch with your Customer base they will reward you with repeat and referral business

3. It keeps you on top of problems before they become a crisis–  Face it if your not calling your sold customers you don’t know what their ownership experience is like.   That lack of information could be just the ticket your competitor needs to take that repeat business away from you. 

  Ever hear this  ” They got my money then they just didnt care any more”

4. IT KEEPS YOU BUSY !!      And that makes you money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get on the phone and …

Sell like your  living depends on it



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