WE DON’T TALK ABOUT IT

                                                                                                           HECK, WE DON’T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT


It is a simple truth.   In the sales world we get focused like laser beams on reaching the top of the game.  We work hard at surrounding ourselves with positive people and energy.   We keep our attitudes in constant check, and we are always conscious of our outward presentation.

  Because this is true, when we hurt,  we see ourselves as weak

                We jump to the conclusion that we are failing. We bury it deep, hoping no one else notices. 

 We don’t dare tell our mentors that we hurt, We can’t imagine that they know what that feels like. 

We certainly can’t let our team know , They will fear our hurt dragging them down.

But We all hurt sometimes.

   A team is a great source of Positive energy, and a great source for momentum. 

As team mates, we all need to hold some simple principles

– We are People, and people need support

– We are accountable to one another, Our success depends on it

– When one of us hurts, the team hurts

– Successfull teams create an environment of support, a place to breathe, and regenerate.  They pull one another up, and sometimes they even prop one another up.

  Get in the habit of sharing both your successes and your trial with your team.  Look for opportunities to lift one another up, and reach out when you know someone is hurting.   Sometime just lending an ear, or offering an encouraging word can elevate the team as a whole.

remember True success is not measured in dollars it is measured in the live’s you touch .

Sell like your living depends on it !!



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