He’s MAD and you have an Opportunity !!

” Mr Jones is here.” Says the receptionist

                                                      ” And he is Pissed !!!!”


What is your first instinct?

Do you pick up the phone receiver and pretend to be on an important call?

Do you hide in the service bathroom until someone else has to deal with it ?

Maybe you grab him and Bum rush him to someone you think can help…

      Sadly all of the methods above are techniques many sales

 people use when handling a customer complaint


        We need to change our perception of the situation


what we have here is a chance to be a HERO.  And to cement our

 place in the Clients ownership experience.


We have an Opportunity!


The Bullet points :

– LISTEN to the complaints, and PAY ATTENTION

– Don’t argue the right and wrong

– CARE and show it

– Ask Questions to gain insight

– Write it down

– Display a willingness to help any way you can

– When introducing the Client to Tech support, present the facts you have gained , and present the Client as a friend in need of help

– Follow up the visit with an email,

 Ask if they left satisfied and if they  have any additional concerns you can help with

  The Sales person that stays involved with both the good and the

 bad elements of the ownership experience will be the Sales person

 that sells them their next unit !!


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