The Greatness inside of you!!

YOU have greatness inside of you

                                                               You were born with enormous potential

You have been overcoming since you starting learning !!                  

Think about ,  You walked, but you had never walked before.  You spoke, but you had never spoken before .  You have been a high achiever for your entire life. 

You have been reaching goals and passing milestones for a lifetime !!  You have impresed and inspired those around you.  Your story is littered with success!!  Look at you… YOU ARE GREAT

NOW suddenly as an adult you have doubts, You wonder if you can reach new plateaus.  You question your abilities and hesitate to reach for more.  Insecurity and fear become road blocks ‘

You have failed before

Hey it happens, If you havent failed you haven’t tried .  Failure isnt a stopping point, It is a check point.  Its a time for review and assessment, a time to take a breath and then start the next push .  Its a learning experience, a story teller, It makes you stronger, faster and better equipped for success.

Dust off, Shed a tear if you need to, stop for prayer and comfort of a loved one.  But DONT STOP .  Let that inner Greatness take over, be the over comer you were born to be !

I just wanted to remind you this morining, that YOU are great.

One Comment on “The Greatness inside of you!!

  1. Sometimes people don’t realize that they achieve great things because they are criticized for their failures rather than commended for their achievements. Thanks Donnie, I needed that one!

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