What does it mean to be called “A CLOSER”

what does it mean to be called a closer?

I know what it should mean …

1. You are capable of creative thinking

  As a closer you are not only thinking out side of the box, your trying to change the box altogether.   Working every deal like the opportunity of a lifetime .  You have learned to “see” the deal, even when the competition has called it “impossible” , you are just getting warmed up .

2. You are a problem solver

  That doesnt mean that you possess the ability to solve every problem, It does mean you have  the ability to pool the resources available and get the job done.

3. You are aware of your position in the process

You are the gate keeper of the transaction.  The Action starts when you Shake the customers hand !!  It’s your job to motivate/co-ordinate / and Initiate  Everything the customer is expecting  , he is expecting you to deliver and you will make it happen.

4. You are a powerful influence on the team

  And you use that influence to make the team better !!  Team mate look to you for positive energy and know that you are available to helpYou will take a T/O , and make something happen for them.  You are the GOTO guy when it comes to management needing a capable hand at making the month GREAT       You don’t have the time or the interest for company gossip, The complainers and Whiners are not even on your radar.  They have learned to avoid you and thats just fine

5. You have learned to overcome your fears, and use your failures as teaching tools

  Its not that somehow you have mastered the art of not feeling fear , and you certainly still experience your share of failures.   But you have learned that these each have a place in the process .  They are your tools for greatness.  You have developed an instinct for learning in the middle of  the trials and turbulence.     Yesterdays mistakes become tomorrow’s success story




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