When we are most Dangerous

When are we the most dangerous to our competition?

When are we most likely to shake our markets ?

When is it that we will take the largest strides as a Team 


It’s true, when they pat you on the head and say things like ” It’s good to have a goal little buddy!” or ” I’ll beleive it when I see it. ”

When they are convinced we CAN’T  …

thats when we absolutely MUST. 

  They really believe that we can’t accomplish greatness, because by and large, they have never had to reach for it.

comfort and mediocrity have set in.  Their  bones pop and crrek from the strain of day to day business.  They have mistaken precision and process for greatness.    THIS IS OUR OPPORTUNITY !!


We  have to  learn the value of getting up early, and working late. 

We have to Practice, drill and rehearse far after the others have called it a day

We have to learn that accepting “good” when GREAT is available, is not acceptable at all

We  have captured a dream and will hold it captive until we have exhausted it !!  No one and nothing will convince us that we are anything less than the VERY BEST at what we do


………..And “they” will not be looking.  

 Dont expect cheers and accalades along the way, expect rather SHOCK and AWE when we cross the finish line.

Expect to be called “lucky”

Expect that our accomplishment will be called a fluke.

But know that we are just beginning to climb.  Just starting to shake the platform that supports our industry.  We will be the pace setters

we become dangerous  when they think we are not !!


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