Mistaking Process for Greatness

In my last post I stirred some great conversations when I wrote that our competitors had mistaken Process and precision for greatness

Several emails came in telling me that process and presision were the key elements of a great sales team.

Let me better explain my thoughts ;

Consider the British army in the revolutionary war.  They were well rehearsed, they had process and precision.  But all the process in the world couldnt overcome the determined hearts of a people wanting a better life !!

processes are important, precision is needed, but when they are your only focus, you will fail to grow

– And you wont even notice that you have failed

                                     You end up so wrapped up in the Frame that you miss the picture .  Your competitor comes along with the desire to make NEW ART, and you are busy framing an old print. 

When you finally realize that you are left behind, you’ll be raising your hand from the back yelling “ME TOO!”

– You’ll have meetings asking the same tired minds for new ideas

– You’ll  examine your ” Core” and look for ways to improve the process

– You criticize the better , faster competitor and say things like ” They are a flash in the pan.” or ” They will be gone soon!”


We have to push our selves harder

We have to guard our creativity, nurture it, and be fearless with it

We have to hold our dreams captive, and express them at every opportunity !!

We cannot be intimidated by the status quo

We cannot worship at the alter of process, We have to be innovators, Thinkers and Players

WE have to sell like our living depends on it !!!!

we have to be DANGEROUS !!!!


as always feel welcome to comment, or send me an email at donblanz@gmail.com

Tell me about your successes and share your ideas and thoughts

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