The self destruct button

Do you have a self destruct button?

It is possible that you do and you don’t even realize it.

  have you ever said something like;

” Every time things are going good for me something bad happens !”

  It may be that earlier in your life you did experience set backs just as life started to turn for the better .   Maybe it’s happened a few times.

It doesnt HAVE to happen, You are not DESTINED for failure.

Our success and failure do not lie in the events that happen to us, Our Success or failure comes from how we REACT to those things.

We can push on to Success,  OR we can hit the self destruct button.

In Sales, self destructing an be easily disguised, and that makes us very vulnerable to it.

We lose a deal, blame the product,pricing.competition, or the client.  Then we go into the next deal assuming the same elements will defeat us again.

It’s natural to hurt.  It makes you human.  It is the reaction of the majority



So how do the elite of our profession avoid the pitfall of self destruction ?

– Learn from the failures  Every lost deal is a classroom. Study the events that led to the collapse  and work to improve your skills

– After the Learning , LET IT GO –  Hey it happens, but it doesnt HAVE to happen again

– Talk about your feelings –   WOOOO here Donnie, are you really suggesting I do something as “weak” as talk with my peers about how I feel?   You bet I am !!    Team strength comes from team members .You will probably find that you share those feelings in common, and Someone else has found a great way of dealing with it. 


Sling more work at it –  (I borrowed this phrase from  Paul Cummings”)  The only way to get back to the top of anything is to climb

 You may have experienced a set back, but failure is not a person. it is an event, and YOU have the ability, Talent, and ATTITUDE to rise up out of it and succeed

Share your past successes in this area with me !!  I really love hearing from my readers

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