Tater Bug Syndrome

I would like to add to the ever growing list of disorders and syndromes

I call this  one Tater Bug Syndrome

Buzzle .com  says this about Tater bugs

 the potato bug is nocturnal in habit and remains active only at nighttime. Primary diet of this insect is dead organic matter, including decaying vegetative matter and plant parts. The extra long mandibles serve as an adaptation for devouring on organic matter. However, at times of food scarcity, potato bug feeds on other insects.

  Remind you of anyone???

  How about that guy at the coffee pot this morning, When you said “Good Morning”  His response was something like ” Whats good about it ?!”

Or the Sales person who just told you the Manager ” doesn’t know S @#T” about selling.

He is the guy that says he has heard all that training before.

He starts the out applying for a job, tells the company how hard he works, and what a team player he is.   Not long after starting, he GRIPES about the very people who just gave him an opportunity. 

  After a while he starts to “feed “on the team around around him

Continuing the description from potato bugs .com :

Q: Do potato bugs bite?
A: They gnaw.

  And Man do they gnaw,  They take little bites out of the team until the hole is gaping and the damage is terrible.  And then they blame the team for not holding up. 

  This critter is crippling to an otherwise thriving sales team.  When this Tater bug shows up, the best thing we as a team can do is show them right back out.

Now, dont get me wrong here, I am a big advocate for positive reinforcement, and retraining when a Salesperson shows signs of an attitude shift.

  However, when all attempts at turning this “bug” around have been unsuccessfull, Its time to EXTERMINATE !!

Have you been affected by this type of pest?   Has your team successfully turned them around?   Share your story with me in the comment section below.


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