Success comes in a Can

                     An “I CAN “


I Can is a belief , A  commitment, A conviction, An obligatory condition

It is an inward motivator, and Outward instigator ,  a Trigger , and a Safety net

It is perhaps the most powerful two word combination that I know.

Consider Webster’s definition of the two :

I     : the one who is speaking …

Can   :a : know how to  b : be physically or mentally able to  cused to indicate possibility   ; d : be permitted by conscience or feeling to  e : be made possible or probable by circumstances to  f : be inherently able or designed to  g : be logically or axiologically able to h : be enabled by law, agreement, or custom to

What a powerful set of words !!
I can  = The one who is speaking , Knows how, has the possibility of, and is inherently able to SUCCEED !!!!

   You CAN achieve greatness,

There really is nothing holding you back. 

Sell like your living depends on it



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