Breathe Fire

I have always said that I want a team to be fired up !!

Often I have told sales people to “Bring fire to their sales day”

But lately I am looking for my sales team to Breathe fire !!

  Breath comes from within, it is the direct exchange of the air you inhale, your body takes from that breath what it needs to survive, and exhales the byproduct

In sales it will be the direct product of the Training, motivational material, and mentoring that you take in

If you are careful to surround yourself with positive materials, and Positive influences you will naturally breathe FIRE !!

Otherwise you will just blow smoke !!


FIRE CONSUMES !!!   It quickly overtakes evrything in it’s path. 

 This is why I want a team that Breathes Fire !!! Positive energy and influence should be the dominant force in any sales environment

I also would like to invite our readers to add to our ” PROS SOUND OFF” section.  Lets be positive influences for one another

Give us a success story to celebrate with you , Tell us about a ” Best practice”  Share your opinions

just hit the comment button, or email them to

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