The myth of EASY MONEY part 2


As we covered in our last post, Success at selling is not a path of Easy Money


  I mentioned That you will need Focus, commitment, and Product Knowledge .  

You will also need

 Vision :   Not just the ability to see the opportunities in front of you, but the ability to see “long range” opportunity as well

Looking forward will keep you from slipping back !! 

You will need PASSION :  I have seen a lot of people try to reach greatness without passion, They put in just enough work to call it a day .  They envelope themselves in processes and procedures.  They approach this thing of selling like it was just a job. 

Successful Sales people are OBSESSED with Selling.  They love to work at it, and they work at loving it .   Many years ago they put their  watch in the dresser drawer because they  didnt want to know there was a “quitting time !”   

You will need SUPPORT :   I tell my sales team , ” When you can’t stand up, get propped up!!”       Sales People are stronger, smarter, and more successful when they work as a team.   Unity of purpose is a very powerfull selling tool !!  

   The Lone Ranger had Tonto,  Batman had Robin,  and we have each other !! 

Sell like your living depends on it !!


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