That’s the way it has always been…

I was conducting a daily training meeting earlier this week, when a good intentioned Manager made this comment to my team:

” Guys It is September, and history has taught us that we will be slowing down.”

  I cringed at his words, I know he meant well, but I do not believe we succeed and fail by the weather report.

  Thankfully a member of my team stood and said :

 ” I do not accept that we have to slow down, I checked with my bank, and they still accept deposits in the winter time !! “

      In the world of Sales, History is both a tool and a trap !!    When we begin to use the past to map the future we will fall down.


  Last years numbers are simply a tool for building a game plan

 – What did we miss ?

– Where can we add?

–  How will we out perform last season

  When we resign ourselves to the idea that last year / month / week  is the standard for today we have written a prescription for failure.

Four affirmations for TODAY

   I am capable of Growth

  I will not accept yesterday’s results  as a limit on today’s success

  I will not settle for good when GREAT is available

  I will give nothing less than my absolute best effort in building today


sell like your living depends on it !!


3 Comments on “That’s the way it has always been…

  1. I wish I can apply your message to my life, like inserting a digg button to my blog, but it’s not that easy… The past always traps us because it builds us for who we are today..

  2. Remember,,,,”that, that is, need not be, just because it was” !!!!! Opportunity, is everywhere, we just have to look for it , not stop looking, for it is there….! Mike

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