The “Right Now” Business

I have started a training series entitled ” 31 Points to high ticket Sales success ”

I will share excerpts from the series on the site

If you are interested in the full list please email me


We are in the “Right now “ business


–         Your Customers expect urgency

                – In the times we live in There is virtually  nothing that cannot be done quickly.  We have to realize that this is as legitimate an expectation as a great price and a Quality product.   Gone are the days when a customer had to choose between right or fast ,   Today we must be able to deliver both. 

  –         You must recognize that Time kills Deals

           If you are still in the habit of asking your customers to wait, I assure you your competitors are beating you !! 

Have you ever watched the body language of a customer that is being told they cannot complete their purchase and delicery on their time table.  Their confidence in the Store,the sales person, and the process is visibly shaken.

Bet on this ; They will go home, get on the web, and find someone that can MAKE IT HAPPEN.  

I see it almost daily  , That look of  relief/joy that overcomes them when they ask ” How soon can my unit be ready? ”  And I answer, ” Iassumed you wanted it today . ”   Or my own joy when I collect payment, and deliver the unit my competitor thinks he is delivering next week !!

– Gather accurate information quickly and operate from the platform of Getting the deal done !!

    In every phase of the process you should be working towards a complete transaction .  Throw out old processes that slow down this time line

Be stream lined and customer focused.    Have your units ready and standing tall.   Get good information early in the Sale, and communicate clearly with anyone involved in delivery.

    remember Quick doesnt have to mean sloppy.  You can operate efficiently and with speed .  Get the details RIGHT and the deal will flow.


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