I have a Sales person that works for me that used this phrase  ” Manufactured stress ”

  I had never heard it before, and I thought what a perfect description of some of the daily stressers Sales people face.

The term suggest that it is stress ,not occuring naturally , but rather manufactured by our selves or others around us

  This is that stress that comes from attempting to charge Hell with a water pistol.  Trying to do the impossible with the improbable …


Often times we are the root of our biggest problems,  We tend as sales people to get single minded in our perspective.  We forget that nearly every promise and commitment we make has to be fulfilled by someone else.

It feels great to say ” No problem”, or” I’ll get that handled” .  But when we find that it was a bigger obstacle than we realized , We find ourselves in  that place where broken promises meet once happy customers.  and POOF  stress !

We excuse our behaviour by saying things like ” The team let me down, or My confidence was misplaced.

  The truth however requires a long look in the mirror.  Often we just made wholesale promises without asking for the facts involved.

  Heck, sometimes we have to admit we just don’t care what it takes !! 

  But we own that stress when it comes !! we built it and added it to our day .  It is ours, and unfortunately our customer now  shares it.

Heres a quick little test before making a promise to a customer :

 – Can I complete the task in the time required ….

– Do I have someone on staff that I KNOW can do the work…

– Have I checked with everyone involved in the projects completion…

– And lastly,  Will I regret this promise tomorrow?

Sell like your living depends on it




  1. “stress” comes from “Not Knowing”………Know what your talking about,,,dont guess…find out , ask until you know the answer, tell your customer that you will verify , the answer and they will Trust you forever…..(be a repeat customer and recommend you to their friends) Turn Stress into Trust……………….Selling was/is my lifes work….training is the simple sharing of your experiences………Mike

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