They’re looking to buy

Recently,  I heard something that left me completely speechless

A well meaning sales manager was counseling a new sales person about sales and made the statement that:

“All Customers were looking for a reason not to buy”  

 This statement is wrong on  many levels

please hear me on this…

1. Its a built in excuse

    When the customer doesnt buy it gives you the “easy” way out 

        ” I guess they found their reason not to buy .” 

2.   Operating on this premise will create combative sales interaction

    If you approach each prospect with the assumption that they are just looking for a reason to tell you no, you will sell in such a way as to combat the unspoken objections.  Your focus SHOULD BE on the many ways your product and service can enrich their lives. Objections will surface if they exist, but a good presentation will focus on the positives

3. This way of thinking is de-motivating and harmful to your production

    If you go into work every day convinced that people would rather tell you no , Where is your reason to get excited?   Why aspire to know anything at all about a product that no one really wants ?   The natural result of this type of thinking will be a drop in your confidence, and a constant stream of lost deals.



1.  Because it is true

           They stopped in because they have interest in your product or service.  They either want one today or they anticipate wanting it in the near future  THEY ARE SHOPPING !!

2. Because letting the customer BUY is the easiest form of selling

       When a prospect has a desire to own your product , and the opportunity to own your product , All you need to do is show them the advantages of making this purchase with you and your company

 3. Its a far better attitude

  I am certain that an Athlete enters a contest with the expectation of winning,   a Surgeon operates with intentions of a cure,

    and a Sales person should EXPECT a sale !!

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