It’s supposed to hurt

Setbacks hurt

Personal or professional, They tear at your gut

If your human you’ll suffer…                    You’ll cry

You’ll wonder what you did wrong

Why … What makes you deserve this?!


It is supposed to hurt, It is meant to…

It is you getting stronger.  Your emotional muscles are tearing, their shaping a newer stronger you, You’re growing


You need to set your Jaw.

Determine you will be better on the other side of this

Draw your plan

Set new goals based on where you are now, and what you MUST accomplish to regain the lost ground and gain new roads

Remind your self of the greatness within you

Do a self assessment. list your strengths !!   What makes you the best at what you do?  Where is your value and how can you increase it

Hold your head up high, failure isn’t a person it is just an event.  And events shape us, they make us better…

And  you are better for going through it

Don’t settle in !!   Get restless, get fired up, GET BUSY !!

Sell like your living depends on it



One Comment on “It’s supposed to hurt

  1. Thanks for the latest post!!!!!!!! I really needed some words of wisdom and encouragement !!!!

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