Are you planning to work ??

It is the time of year when Salespeople begin to think and plan for next year

You hear all sorts of clichés’ this time of year like

* Next year I’ll work smarter not harder…

* Next year I will be solutions oriented…

* Next year I will be more focused…

And the list goes on and on,

What you don’t hear nearly as often is ” Next year I will work harder”

What is our adversion to hard work, Why do we avoid even the thought of it ?

The pattern of Sales success is  fairly simple to figure out

The people putting in the work reap the rewards !

Lets set the plan for sales success next year, and if we are serious about earning better money, and enjoying the next level of success let’s make that list look something like this :

I will put in the effort that my competition is not willing to put in

I will keep working even when the clock says the day is over

I will not accept failure with anything short of everything I could have done to avoid it

I will not skip steps and short change my customers to save myself some work

I will be accountable for my own success I do not have time for whining and blaming

I will put in the time it takes to know my product

I will sell like my living depends on it

 I know it sounds like work…   That’s because it is work 

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